Deep Tissue Bodywork


Singing Bowl Relaxation



During the past 25 years, my body work has been focused on helping dancers and athletes to keep performing at their top level, or they have found me to help them with recovering from injuries or surgery.

If you are looking for real deep tissue work to loosen up knots, relax you from stress, intense work-outs or monotonous work, come to my studio.  I’ll start with any problem spot, gradually connecting the areas related to them, until eventually your full body is worked through.  Though Deep Tissue is the foundation for most clients, I will certainly focus more on the soothing aspects if it brings you a deeper relaxation.  It is always my intention to adapt my way of working to best help you.

I studied deep tissue massage in Sweden over 20 years ago and have added additional modalities along the way. 

Currently I offer a complimentary 10-15min Tibetan singing bowl relaxation before your session.  Covered by a sheet, or in loose-fitting clothing, I slide the vibrating bowl along your back and legs.  Music and sound is a powerful language.  The rich over tones of the singing bowl(s) resonates with people on many levels simultaneously, where some say it is "transporting them" to a deep place within, or out to the spheres.  On a physical level, the vibration gives a gentle, yet deep, vibration of your muscles and bones.

Due to Covid-19, we are both wearing masks during the entire time, my building also requires it to enter.

I follow NYS protocol of sanitizing before and after each session.  If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to let me know and I'll address them.


Please, be considerate to postpone your appointment if you do not feel well, or have been in any situation you may have been exposed.  I do care for a few individuals that are in high risk groups.  


My in-home studio is by

Times Square

The Theater District


Port Authority

In-call - Times Square/Hell's Kitchen
 on table

Out-call - Manhattan only
I do not bring my table.  Most clients have their own, or other comfortable set-up.

Packages available depending on needs.